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User presence

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User presence

User presence is a UI16 features that lets you see who is online when you are working in an instance.

Your avatar appears in the form header next to your name, and in multiple other places such as in activity streams, Visual Task Boards, live feeds, and Connect conversations. Online status is represented by a dot on the user's avatar.
  • Green dot if the user is logged in.
  • No dot if the user is not logged in.
  • Orange dot if the user recently logged out.
The user avatar is the image uploaded to the user record [sys_user]. If no image is uploaded, the avatar is the user's initials.
Note: Users can add an avatar image to their live feed profile. The system uses the live feed avatar if no image is uploaded to the user record.

When you are viewing a record in a form, such as an incident, you can see if other users are viewing the same record.

Figure 1. User presence in a form
User presence in a form

If multiple users are viewing the record, the avatar is represented by the number of users. Point your cursor to the number to see the names and avatars of the users.

When you are in a Connect conversation or entering comments in an activity stream, you can see information about the other participant's activity, for example if they are viewing or typing.

Figure 2. User presence in a conversation

An administrator can disable user presence globally.