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Dot-walking in choice list fields

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Dot-walking in choice list fields

Users can dot-walk to related fields in a choice list, such as the field list in a filter.

This example demonstrates how to filter the incident table by the company of the caller who registered the incident.

First, open the choice list of fields to filter by. This presents a list of the fields that are present on the Incident [incident] table. Reference fields are followed by related fields, which are presented in blue. For instance: Caller is followed by Caller > User fields. This means that Caller is a reference field, and the related fields are User fields on the Caller record. If the blue related fields are not present in the list, select Show Related Fields in blue at the bottom of the list:
Figure 1. Show related fields
Show related fields
When the related fields are present, select a set of related fields.
Figure 2. Related fields
Related fields
After the related field is selected, the menu reloads with the related table's fields.
Figure 3. Related table fields
Related table fields

The new field is:

When looking at the list, it is easy to see where in the dot-walk the user currently is. Each selected reference is stored at the top, and the number of dots in front indicate how many dots from the initial record the user has reached.
Figure 4. Dot-walked field
Dot-walked field

In this picture, the user is currently at It is possible to return to higher levels in the hierarchy by selecting the blue records. For instance, selecting Incident fields returns to the list of incident fields.

The related fields can be dismissed by selecting Remove Related Fields in blue at the bottom of the list:
Figure 5. Remove related fields
Remove related fields