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Homepage items

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Homepage items

You can add different types of objects or widgets to homepages using the Add content button.

In the pop-up window, you select the homepage item you want to add. Some items pertain to specific features and applications. The available items vary depending on what is active on your system.

Warning: Each report on your homepage runs individually. For example, a homepage with 10 reports runs each report every time it refreshes. Keep this in mind when adding content to your homepage. If your homepage consistently loads slowly, try removing reports to determine why.

You can reposition items on a homepage by clicking the item header and dragging it to the new location. To remove a homepage item, click the close icon (X) on the right side of the item header.

Table 1. Homepage items
Item Description
Reports Add reports to the homepage
Gadgets Items such as a knowledge search field and sticky notes.
Knowledge Base Knowledge base categories.
Labels Labels that you use to organize records.
System Applications Applications and modules.
World Clocks Any available world clock.
Note: The world clock widget is for demo purposes only.
Gauges All available dashboard gauges. Gauges are defined in System UI > Gauges .
Catalog Categories Active service catalog categories. The homepage uses the category's desktop icon as the homepage icon.
Catalogs Service catalogs, including all of their active categories.
Diagnostics Information you can use for monitoring and troubleshooting the instance, like database connections and JVM garbage collection.
Live Feed Your company feed.
Text Search Lists of top searches in the instance.
Filters System definition filters.

For more information on adding content to homepages, see Add existing reports to a homepage.