Assign a tag from a list using the action menu

You can assign one or more tags to a record using the action menu in a list.

About this task

Note: Tag names are case-insensitive and must not include punctuation.


  1. Navigate to a list.
  2. Select the check box beside one or more records.
  3. Click Actions on selected rows and complete the appropriate steps for the list version.
    List v2
    1. Scroll to the Assign tag listing.
    2. To assign an existing tag, select the tag listed.
    3. To create a new tag, select New, enter the tag name, select the sharing level, and then click Save.
    List v3
    1. Select Assign a tag to open the Edit Tags dialog.
    2. To assign an existing tag, select one of the recent tags or click the lookup icon and select the tag.
    3. To create a new tag, enter a new tag name and press the Enter key.
    4. Click x to close the dialog.
    Note: In List v3, the sharing level defaults to Me. To change the sharing level, edit the tag from the form view or edit the tag record directly.


The tag is added to the record.