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Condition builder

Condition builder

A condition builder constructs a condition statement with a series of contextually generated fields.

Condition builders are used in many operations, such as creating filters, administering surveys, and administering access control.

Condition builder format

A condition consists of three parts:
  • Field: a choice list based on the table and user access rights. The choice list can include fields on related tables by dot-walking.
  • Operator: a choice list based on the field type. For example, in the Incident [incident] table, the greater than operator does not apply to the Active field but it does apply to the Priority field.
  • Value: a text entry field or a choice list, depending on field type. For example, in the Incident [incident] table, the Active field offers a choice list with the values true, false, and empty, while the Short Description field offers a text entry field.

Condition builder actions

You can add a dependent condition by clicking AND or OR next to the condition. You can add a top-level condition by clicking AND or OR on the condition builder toolbar above the conditions.

You can remove a condition by clicking the delete icon (X) next to the condition.

Figure 1. Example AND condition
Example AND condition
Figure 2. Example OR condition
Example OR condition

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