Configure modules for mobile and standard browsers

Modules are made available for mobile and standard browsers in the legacy mobile UI.

About this task

To make a module available for mobile and standard browsers:


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Modules.
  2. Open the module record.
    Module form
  3. Change the Device type to Any.
  4. Enter a Mobile title.
    Consider providing more detail in the mobile-specific title because the application menu names are not visible in the mobile UI. For example, in the browser UI, define a module called Open New that appears under the Incident application menu. In the mobile view, call this module Open New Incident.
  5. Enter a View name for this module in the mobile UI.
    Consider configuring mobile views that show a limited number of columns to improve usability for users with smaller screens or limited transmission speeds. If a view is not specified on the module record, mobile lists and forms use the Mobile view.
  6. Click Update.