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Access an instance from the mobile app

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Access an instance from the mobile app

Access an instance using the mobile app for supported devices.

  1. After you download the app from the iTunes store or the Google Play store, tap the icon on the homepage.
    App launch screen

    You do not need to include at the end of the instance name.

  2. Use your regular login to sign in to the app.
    After you log in, the app remembers your information. As long as you do not log out, the app opens the last screen you used when you open it again.

    If you do log out, the app remembers your instance. Select the instance from the History list to log back in.

    Note: The native mobile app does not have a screen for multi factor authentication (MFA). If your organization uses MFA, append the MFA code to your password on the login screen. For example, P@ssw0rd642135, where 642135 is the MFA code.