Unsupported features

The mobile browser interface supports a limited subset of functionality that enables users to perform common tasks.

The following capabilities are not currently supported in mobile browsers, though they work to varying degrees.
  • Switching to the standard browser interface from the mobile interface
  • HTML fields
  • CODE tags to render HTML in Journal Fields
  • UI Scripts
  • Connect Support
  • Legacy Chat
  • Field styles
  • Formatters
  • Timeline visualizations
  • Embedded lists
  • Assessments, surveys, and legacy surveys
  • Mobile service catalog features
    • Order guides
    • Wizards
    • Content items
  • These variable types:
    • Macro With Label
    • UI Page
    • List Collector
    • HTML
    • Macro
    • Label
    • Break
  • Data lookup rules
  • Custom auto-complete scripts