Features with limited tablet interface support

Some capabilities are limited in the tablet interface.

  • Editing lists: You cannot edit field values in a record from the list view. Access the record form to modify any field values.
  • Dependency Views map, schema map, graphical workflow editor, Gantt chart, and visual dispatch tool: Graphics-based tools can be viewed but not modified from the tablet interface. Data presented by these tools is read-only when accessed through the tablet interface.
  • Calendars: You can access calendar reports but scrolling around the calendar as you would on the desktop interface is not supported.
  • Homepage bookmarks: UI11 bookmarks are not supported in the tablet UI. You can use favorites to mark modules in the application navigator for quick access when using the tablet UI.
  • Video and image attachment upload: Attach videos and images with both iOS 9 and Android. Other file type attachments are not allowed.