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Preview pane

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Preview pane

Like the desktop interface, use the Grid or Split views to see a preview of a record.

To see a preview in Grid mode, tap the information icon (Information icon).

Figure 1. Tablet preview pop-up in Grid mode
Preview of record in pop-up

To close the preview, tap outside of the pop-up window.

To add a comment to a record in Grid view, or to make any other changes, click Open Record in the pop-up window.

Note: In UI15, tapping the information icon opens the record, rather than a pop-up preview.

Use the split view toggle at the top of the screen to see a preview of the record to the right of the record list.

Figure 2. Tablet preview in Split mode
Preview of a record using Split mode with the Split and Grid toggle button outlined for emphasis.

In Split mode you can edit a record when it is open in the preview pane.