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Mobile catalog items

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Mobile catalog items

Browse service catalog items using the mobile app.

Figure 1. Elements of the mobile UI: catalog item
Sample catalog item screen calling out the item description, item variables, and add to cart button.
Table 1. Elements of the mobile UI: catalog item
UI element Description
Current item Displays the name of the currently selected catalog item.
Back button Returns to the previous screen.
Item description Displays the catalog item description.
Item variables Displays input fields appropriate to the catalog variable type.
Add to cart button Adds the current item to shopping cart.
Shopping cart Displays the shopping cart to check out.

Input types appropriate to the catalog variable type display in the mobile app. For example, for a choice variable the mobile app UI displays a list of choices.

Figure 2. Sample catalog variable input
Table 2. Elements of the mobile UI: variable input
UI element Description
Current variable Highlights the currently selected variable.
Previous or next variable Navigate to the previous or next variable input available for the catalog item.
Variable choices Select the choice to use for the catalog item. Swipe to see more choices.
Done button Close the list of variable choices.