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Record tags

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Record tags

Group and organize records by adding tags, which are keywords that describe the record.

Use tags on a tablet browser the same way you would on a desktop browser.

For example, an incident record that deals with a wireless internet outage could be tagged with the keyword wireless. Later, someone who has access to incident records can filter all incidents by the keyword wireless to see which incidents pertain to that topic. Users can add as many tags as needed to any record. Tags are not case-sensitive.

Tags that you add to a record are saved in the Tags table with the following default settings:
  • Active: true. Tag is enabled and appears in the tablet and desktop interfaces.
  • Global: false. Tag is not globally visible. Tags are visible only to the user who created them.
  • Navigation: false. Tablet tags do not appear in the application navigator on either the tablet or the desktop interface.

Administrators can modify these tags as they would modify tags in the system definition.