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Switch between UI16 and UI15

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Switch between UI16 and UI15

You can switch between the UI16 and UI15 user interface versions.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

After UI16 is activated, all users see the enhanced UI16 user interface. By default, administrators see a button at the top of the System Settings window that lets them switch between UI16 and UI15. The administrator can add a system property to configure other roles that see the button.


  1. Click the gear icon (Gear icon) in the banner frame to open the System Settings window.
  2. Click Switch to UI15 or Switch to UI16.
    The button that displays is based on which UI version you are using when you open System Settings.
    The application refreshes with the selected UI. Your homepage appears in the content frame. You can access your favorites on the Edge (UI15) or in the favorites tab of the application navigator (UI16).