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Add help to a field label on a form

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Add help to a field label on a form

You can create field-level help in forms by placing help icons in individual fields and converting the field labels to links to external or internal URLs.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

You can link to any type of file, document, or Wiki, and open it in a separate browser window. The following is an example of a form with field label help enabled.

Figure 1. Field label help enabled
Range field label help enabled


  1. Open the form.
  2. Right-click the label for the field and select Configure Label .
    The Field Label form appears. The fields in the top portion of the form are pre-populated. The Help field is not currently used.
    Field label form
  3. Complete the form.
    Field Input value
    Hint Type text to use as a tooltip that appears when a user places the cursor on the field label.
    URL Enter the URL of the target file to open when the field label or icon is clicked. This can be a complete URL to a file outside the instance, or a relative URL to a target on the instance.
    URL target (UI11 only) Type _blank to have the help file open in a new tab, or leave the field blank to have the help file replace the instance in the browser.

    In UI16 and UI15, the help file opens in a new tab regardless of the URL target value.

  4. Click Update.