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Example URL module that opens a list with a custom filter URL

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Example URL module that opens a list with a custom filter URL

To create a module that opens a list with a custom filter, sort order, and grouping, use a link type of URL (from Arguments) and create a link to a custom URL.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Use the following shortcut to determine the arguments for your custom URL.


  1. Navigate to the list by URL, without loading it in the standard interface
    For example, navigate to the Incident list by entering <base URL>/
  2. Apply the desired filter, sort order, and grouping.
  3. Copy the resulting URL from the browser address bar.
    For example, if you apply a filter of active=true with an ascending sort on priority, a descending sort on opened_on, and grouped by assignment_group, the address bar reads:^EQ^ORDERBYpriority^ORDERBYDESCopened_at^GROUPBYassignment_group
    Note: Do not copy the base URL (the portion). Always use a relative link to prevent problems when you move an update set from a development instance to a production instance.
  4. Define a module with a Link type of URL (from Arguments).
  5. Paste the custom URL from step 3 into the Arguments field.
  6. Click Submit.
    The module now opens the custom list in the content frame.