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List title menu in List v3

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List title menu in List v3

You can click the title of the list to access options related to viewing and configuring the entire list.

Figure 1. List title menu in List v3
List v3 list title menu options

The options that appear are based on the user's role. Pictured are the options that administrators see. Administrators can customize which options appear in the list title menu.

Table 1. List title menu options
Option Description
Personalize List Columns Configures which columns appear and the order in which they appear for a user.
Change View Changes the view of the list by presenting different information.
List Layout Configures the list view for all users (requires access rights).
List Calculations Configures list calculations for columns, which calculate column totals, minimums, maximums, and averages (requires access rights).
List Control Configures list controls, such as buttons and filters (requires access rights).
Configure Provides administrative functions related to the information displayed and how it is controlled (requires access rights).
Import Import data from an Excel template file.
Export Exports data to Excel, CSV, XML (administrators only), or PDF.
Create Favorite Adds a link to this list to your favorites.
Update All

Update Selected

Perform updates to multiple records at once.
Create Application Files Creates demo data from the current list of records that can be included when you install or update the application on another instance (administrators only). Used with custom application development.
Import XML Imports a set of records that were exported from a source instance, for example, a developer instance (administrators only).