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User guide page entry points

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User guide page entry points

You can create entry points in your instance for help generated with the system user guide by providing the correct address parameters in the target URL.

Help pages generated with the user guide can be displayed to end users from configurable entry points in the system, including application modules and UI actions. To create these entry points, you must express a target URL using these parameters:

Table 1. URL entry points for displaying user help
Parameter Provides
$ Processor that renders the banner frame at the top of the page.
$ Displays a page containing links to all the help in the user guide. This includes the basic help system and any custom help pages you have created. An example URL would be$
$ Displays the basic help page included with the system. To create a target for a custom user guide, replace id=basic with the ID for your custom page, such as id=surveys. An example of this would be$
$<document number> Displays help for a specific document. This URL displays the help document in the basic page that provides instructions for using ServiceNow forms:$