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UI11 banner frame

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UI11 banner frame

The banner frame runs across the top of every page. It contains a logo and the following information, controls, and tools. Administrators can customize the banner frame.

Figure 1. UI11 banner frame

The UI11 banner frame contains the following information, controls, and tools.

Table 1. UI11 banner frame controls
Control Description
Welcome message Shows the name of the current user and provides a link to the user's profile.
Impersonation key icon (Impersonation key icon) (Administrators only) Allows the administrator to switch user views without logging out. This is useful for testing security and role-specific setup functions.
Elevate privileges icon (Elevate privileges icon) (Administrators only) Allows the user to elevate to a higher security role when needed and then return to their normal role.
Global text search icon (Global text search icon) Global text search finds records from multiple tables.
Collapse/expand banner icon (Collapse banner icon/Expand banner icon) Alters the amount of space the banner frame occupies.
Logout Returns to the Welcome page for subsequent login.
Homepage icon (Homepage icon) Provides links to selectable application homepages.
Printer friendly version icon (Printer friendly version icon) Opens a printable version of the current content frame.
Help icon (Help icon) Opens the ServiceNow Wiki in another window or tab.
JavaScript Debugger window icon (JavaScript Debugger window icon) (Administrators only) Opens the client-side JavaScript Debug window. This icon is commonly called the debug icon.

The Switch UI link may also appear in the banner next to the global text search field. This link allows switching between UI11 and the classic interface. Administrators control the the appearance of the link in the banner frame with the glide.ui11.show_switch_link property. This property is set to false for new instances.