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Switch views

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Switch views

You can switch the view from the default for lists and forms.

To switch between list views, click the table name at the top left corner of the list, and then select Views > [Desired View]:

Figure 1. List view dropdown

To switch between form views, click the table name at the left side of the form header, and then select Views > [Desired View]:

Figure 2. Form view dropdown

Switching views submits the form, which saves all changes and triggers any onSubmit client scripts that apply. You cannot switch form views on a new form that has not been saved yet.

When a user switches views, the selected view is saved as a user preference so the user sees the same view by default when the form opens. When a user has a view saved as a user preference and then opens a URL to a record that specifies another view, the form displays in the view saved in the user preference, not the URL. For example, if a user selects the Mobile view on an Incident record and then tries to open the following link, which specifies the visual task board view, the form still opens in the Mobile view: https://{instance}/{sys_ID}sysparm_view=vtb

The sysparm_view parameter specifies the view to be used for a list or a form, and can be overwritten by a user’s stored preference for a view. You can override this behavior by setting the sysparm_view_forced parameter to true.