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Help context prioritization

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Help context prioritization

Sometimes multiple help contexts may apply to what a user views.

When there are several matching help context records, the following rules determine which help context is used, in descending order of priority.
  1. A customer-created help context is used instead of a default help context provided in the instance for the same table.
  2. A help context that matches the user's language setting is used instead of a help context in the default language of the instance. See the Language field on the Help Context form.
  3. A help context for a closer table in an extended table hierarchy is used instead of a help context for a further table.

    Consider the case of the Linux Server [cmdb_ci_linux_server] table, which has the following parentage: cmdbi_ci > cmdb_ci_hardware > cmdb_ci_computer > cmdb_ci_server > cmdb_ci_linux_server. If help contexts exist for both the cmdb_ci_server table and the cmdb_ci table, the help icon directs to the page specified by the cmdb_ci_server help context when you view a record in the cmdb_ci_linux_server table.