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Context-sensitive help properties

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Context-sensitive help properties

The context-sensitive system properties define the base URLs for the default and custom help systems.

To access the context-sensitive help properties, navigate to sys_properties.list and filter by Name. You can edit a property value from the list or by opening the property record.

Table 1. Context-sensitive help properties
Property Name Description Default Value The default URL the help icon directs to when no help context is specified. This is the base URL of the ServiceNow help system and opens to the welcome page. Do not change this value.
help.base.default The base URL for custom help contexts in which the ServiceNow Product Documentation check box is cleared, and an absolute URL is not specified.

When the base URL is set, the system creates the address of a help conext record by appending the target page or file name to the base URL. Custom help contexts using this base URL overwrite the help provided by default in your instance for the same table. For details, see Set Base URLs
help.base.servicenow The base URL for help contexts in which the ServiceNow Wiki check box is selected.

This is the base URL for the help provided in your instance by default. Do not change this value. For details, see Create a new help context.