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Using operators and operands

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Using operators and operands

When comparing fields, the two fields being compared are called the left operand and right operand.

The type of field selected in the left operand, and the operator selected, determine which right operands are available. When using the [is same] or [is different] operators, the right operand choices include only fields of the same field type, such as String or Integer, as the left operand.

For example, a filter on the Task [task] table with a left operand of [Opened by] and an operator of [is same], only allows you to choose user reference fields, such as the [Closed by] field, in the right operand.

The [is more than] and [is less than] operators are only available with date type fields.

This example filter returns records where the user who opened the record also closed the record.
Figure 1. Example filter