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Modify the banner

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Modify the banner

The banner is displayed at the top of the page and is rendered using certain system properties.

  • glide.product.image
  • <div></div>
  • <div>glide.product.description</div>
The DIV that contains the property is only shown if the property contains a value, otherwise, it is not used when rendering the banner. Also, the property glide.banner.image.title controls the tool tip that appears when the cursor is over the banner.
Note: The My Company record overrides the properties.
Figure 1. Banner

Window title

These properties are used to set the window title as follows: glide.product.description

If is blank, then the ServiceNow name is used as the product name for the window title.

My Company

The banner text and banner image defined for the Company that a user is assigned to may be used to override the glide.product.image and glide.product.description. The banner text, if specified, is used instead of the glide.product.description property. The banner image, if specified, is used instead of the glide.product.image property.