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Navigation action cancellation

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Navigation action cancellation

The Request Manager allows users to cancel any navigation action they select from the application navigator by clicking another application navigator link.

This allows users to cancel slow loading transactions without having to wait for the previous transaction to complete.

One of the following conditions must be true for the Request Manager to cancel a transaction.
  • Both the original transaction and new transaction are cancelable (both transactions have the setting sysparm_cancelable=true).
  • The original transaction is a member of the always cancelable white list (the module is listed in the glide.request_manager.always_cancel system property) and the new transaction is cancelable (has the setting sysparm_cancelable=true).
  • Both the original and new transaction produce an auto-completer query in a reference field.

Cancellation workflow

The Request Manager uses the following workflow to determine whether to cancel a transaction.
Figure 1. Cancel navigation actions