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Personalize a form

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Personalize a form

You can personalize fields to appear on a specific form view.

Before you begin

Role required: itil, personalize_form, or admin


  1. Open any record.
  2. In the form header, click the personalize form icon.
    The Personalize Form menu appears and hide field icons appear on the form.
    Figure 1. Personalize the form
    Personalize the form

    Fields you previously hid are indicated by a cleared gray check box.

    Note: Only the fields that the form is configured to display are available in the Personalize Form menu. To add fields to the form, you must configure the form layout.
  3. Clear a check box or click the hide field icon (Hide field icon) by a field.
    Some check boxes are gray and selected. These check boxes indicate fields that cannot be hidden because they are required or are already hidden by UI policies or client scripts.
  4. Click outside the Personalize Form menu to save your changes.
    If you navigate away from the form, the next time you personalize the form you must reset your customizations to show fields that you have hidden.
  5. To restore the default form view, personalize the form and click Reset.