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Configure reference qualifiers

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Configure reference qualifiers

System administrators can configure reference qualifiers that enable filtering of the associated reference field.

About this task

This task walks you through creating a reference qualifier in the system dictionary. When creating a reference qualifier in the system dictionary, it not only applies to that table, but also to all the children of the table.

Note: You can also create reference qualifiers on extended tables through dictionary overrides. Dictionary overrides only impact the extended table and any of its children, not the parent table.


  1. Navigate to the reference field on the form or table on which you want to define a reference qualifier.
  2. Right-click the field label and select Configure Dictionary.
    The Dictionary Entry form opens. The simple reference qualifier is available on both the default view and the advanced view. The dynamic and advanced reference qualifiers are available only in the advanced view.
  3. Under Related Links, select Advanced view.
  4. In the Reference Specification section, verify that the table in the Reference field is the correct one, or select another table if necessary.
  5. Select the type of qualifier in the Use reference qualifier choice list.
  6. Configure the qualifier based on the type of reference qualifier.
  7. Complete the Reference Specification — Additional Customization section, as appropriate.
  8. Click Update.