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Installed with multi-provider SSO

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Installed with multi-provider SSO

The following items are installed with the Integration - Multiple Provider Single Sign-On Installer plugin.


Multi-Provider SSO adds the following system properties.
Table 1. Multi-provider SSO properties
Name Description
glide.authenticate.multisso.debug Enables (true) or disables (false) debug logging for the multi-provider SSO integration.
  • Type: true | false
  • Default value: false
glide.authenticate.multisso.enabled Enables (true) or disables (false) multi-provider SSO.
  • Type: true | false
  • Default value: false


Multi-Provider SSO adds the following tables.
Table 2. Multi-provider SSO tables
Name Description
SSO Properties [sso_properties] Stores data for each IdP, schema, common SSO data, and so on.
SAML 2 Update 1 Properties [saml2_update1_properties] Stores data for SAML 2.0 Update 1 configurations such as SAML certificates.
Digest Properties [digest_properties] Stores data for digest token authentication configurations.
SSO Federation [sso_federation] Stores data for each SSO federation.


Multi-Provider SSO adds the following scripts.
Table 3. Multi-provider SSO scripts
Name Description
MultiSSO Allows a customer to have an SSO type defined on a company basis.
MultiSSOLogin Allows each domain to have their own login script.
MultiSSOLogout Allows each domain to have their own logout script.
MultiSSO_Abstract_Core Provides a base class for all multi-provider SSO classes.
MultiSSO_ClientHelper Provides a client callable utility functions for multi-provider SSO.
MultiSSO_DigestedToken Provides a base system logic for digested token authentication.
MultiSSO_SAML2_Update1 Provides logic to process SAML 2.0 Update 1 authentication for a multi-tenant single sign-on.