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URL information for an SSO provider

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URL information for an SSO provider

During a login challenge resulting from a URL link into the instance that requires an SSO session, the referring URL might need to be supplied to the SSO provider so that after authentication, the URL can be passed back to the instance and linked to the correct resource.

Figure 1. SSO Target Redirect
SSO flow with redirect
Installation exit return values have been enhanced to pass a URL instead of, or in addition to the URL defined by the properties. Usually, you would return a username or a predefined string value to control authorize or challenge the SSO session. The following examples show the extended behavior of passing a URL.
return "failed_missing_requirement:%26amp;TARGET=";
The example above passes the URL to the SSO provider in the form of a URL parameter named TARGET.
Note: It is assumed that the SSO provider will use that information in the TARGET parameter to redirect back to the instance when the user credentials have been collected and authentication passed.

A colon : demarcates the two return values and an encoded & (%26amp;) conacatenates the URL defined in the property glide.authenticate.failed_missing_requirement and the TARGET parameter.