List of common login errors for SAML

Use this list of common login errors and their solutions to troubleshoot your SAML integration.

Table 1. Troubleshooting login errors table
Error or symptom Solution
Authentication fails and the login request generates an infinite loop between the system and the IdP. Set (or create) the system property glide.authenticate.failed_redirect to redirect failed authentication requests to this URL. Typically the URL endpoint is an error page or logout page.
Login requests generate an infinite loop between the system and the IdP when High Security is active. The High Security plugin's rotating session feature can cause problems with the SAML 2.0 authentication process. Disable the rotating session feature when using SAML 2.0 for authentication. SAML 2.0 needs to redirect URLs to an IdP. When rotating sessions are enabled, any redirection causes the session to rotate and forces the instance to query the IdP again. This causes an endless loop of new sessions between the instance and the IdP.