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Transform Maps

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Transform Maps

This section contains any transform maps for the integration.

Installation of the update set creates one transform map, but others can be added to fit your needs. This is the place that you will modify the field mapping for values coming in from SOI and being saved to the incident record.

The standard transformation includes some of the following actions:
Table 1. SOI Transform Maps Descriptions
Transformation Action
Priority/Severity The Priority/Severity field is transformed to demonstrate that a Severity mapping in SOI can be different than the Severity/Priority mapping in ServiceNow.
Configuration Item The transform script attempts to find a Configuration Item in ServiceNow that matches "reported from" data in one of the fields from SOI. If it cannot find a matching Configuration Item, it creates one using a class similar to the class data in the Alert.
Assignment Group The Assignment Group is automatically set based on values that come in on the affected CI class within SOI.
Assigned To The Assigned To field is set according to assignment information within the alert (if any). If a user with the corresponding user name does not exist, then a new user will be created.