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Scheduled job settings

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Scheduled job settings

There are two scheduled jobs that need to be configured to match your SOI environment and your business needs: the SOI-SubscribeToNotifications and SOI-ReleaseNewAlertsFromQueue jobs.

Figure 1. SOI Scheduled Jobs
Table 1. SOI Scheduled Jobs Descriptions
Scheduled Job Description
SOI-SubscribeToNotifications This script may need to be enabled after installing the update set as this will need to have the SOAP Endpoint set up first in the Settings section of the application. Once that is set up properly, enable this script and set how often you need the subscription request to be made. By default, it is set to send the subscription request every 9 minutes since the installation was set to allow a maximum subscription time to be 10 minutes.
SOI-ReleaseNewAlertsFromQueue If you want alerts to mature before creating incidents, then you will configure this scheduled job. By default, it checks every minute to see if there are any alerts that have matured in age enough to be converted to incidents. In most cases, this will not need to be reconfigured.

If there are other scheduled job scripts that are marked inactive, they may be ignored.