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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) POV

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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) POV

This Proof of Concept Integration is designed to be a two-direction integration between ServiceNow's incident ticketing system and CA's Service Operations Insight (SOI) r3.0 application. It uses standard CA java JAR files that speak to SOI via web services from a MID Server.

Note: The following integration is not part of the supported platform. The integration may require additional customization prior to operating correctly. This integration is typically performed by an experienced administrator or consultant.

When an alert is created, modified, or cleared in CA's Service Operations Insight product, a ServiceNowServiceNow ticket is created, updated, or closed respectively. When a ticket is created via an alert, the alert is modified with the ServiceNow incident number that corresponds with the alert. When the ticket is closed in ServiceNow, the corresponding alert is cleared in SOI.

Figure 1. Architecture