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HP OpenView Operations Integration 2.0

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HP OpenView Operations Integration 2.0

The HP OpenView Operations integration allows ServiceNow to send and receive event data to an HP OpenView Operations server.

Note: The following integration is not part of the supported platform. The integration may require additional customization prior to operating correctly. This integration is typically performed by an experienced administrator or consultant.
By default, the integration transforms OpenView Operations (OVO) trouble tickets into incidents using Web Services to create inbound incidents. It also uses the OpenView opcmsg command to send outbound trouble tickets to HP OpenView.
There are two parts to the integration.
  • HP OVO to ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow to HP OVO

HP OVO to ServiceNow

  • Set up the HP OVO trouble ticket interface to run the Perl script (if running OVO on a Windows server.
  • makes a SOAP call to ServiceNow and inserts a Notification input record (imp_notification).
  • The import transform map creates a new incident or correlates on an existing incident and updates it. It also creates a for the incident; when the incident is modified, HP OVO is notified.

ServiceNow to HP OVO

  • ServiceNow runs the HP OVO opcmsg command line when an incident record is updated or closed.
  • The event triggers the HPOV Updater script object.
  • ServiceNow sends the opcmsg command to a local MID Server.
  • The message uses the correlation_id field to correlate a ServiceNow incident to an HP OVO event ID.


The HP OVO integration uses the following workflow to create incidents in ServiceNow from HP OVO events and update HP OVO events from incident changes.
Figure 1. HP OVO Integration

Parts of the Interface

The Integration - HP OVO application consists of these modules:
Figure 2. Integration OVO 2
  • Properties - This module configures how ServiceNow updates the HP OVO server via MID Server.
  • Notification WS - This module configures the Notification Web Service to create an incident from the incoming trouble ticket.
  • HPOV Updater - This module controls how ServiceNow queues HP OVO update commands to the MID Server.