Borland Starteam integration

This integration will allow you to create change requests in a Borland Starteam system from an incident in ServiceNow.

Note: The following integration is not part of the supported platform. The integration may require additional customization prior to operating correctly. This integration is typically performed by an experienced administrator or consultant.
This integration requires the following elements.
  • MID Server
  • Borland Starteam Server
  • Borland Starteam COM SDK
  • Assignment groups are used to identify the Starteam project where the change request will be created. The UI Action script expects a new field on the group table called 'Starteam Project'. The project names on the groups must match the project names from Starteam.
  • The Starteam change number is stored in the incident, so you must also add a field called 'Starteam Change' on the incident table.
  • The business rule uses a custom event called 'starteam.error' which is linked to an email notification when there are errors returned from Starteam
This integration uses the following high level process.
  1. From an incident, use the UI Action to create a change.
  2. The UI action sends a command to the MID Server.
  3. The MID Server runs a Starteam SDK command to access the Starteam server.
  4. The MID Server returns the new change number from Starteam.
  5. Business rules populate the new change number in the incident.
  6. Once the change is completed in Starteam, an inbound email action closes the related incident.
Note: There are parts of this integration that were designed for one particular customer, but the design can be tailored for configuration variances. This is also a good example of how to leverage a MID server to run just about any type of command in the customer environment.