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Task 4: Schedule an import

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Task 4: Schedule an import

After data has been imported from SCCM into the SCCM Computer Info [imp_sccm_computer_info] table in the SQL Server database, schedule an import from that table into the ServiceNow instance using the default transform map provided in the plugin.

About this task

Creating compatible data sources

If you want to access your SQL Server databases using Windows domain authenticated accounts, you must first create a JDBC data source that uses Integrated Authentication for Windows. See SQL Server Integrated Authentication for Windows.

Creating an Import Schedule


  1. Navigate to Integration - Microsoft SCCM > Scheduled Import.
  2. Select the SCCM System import from the list.
    SCCM Import Schedule
  3. Select an import type (Day, Week, etc.) and when the import should run.

    The selection in the Run type field presents different time options.

  4. Select the Conditional check box to display a field in which to define an import condition.
  5. Select either execute script check box to enter a script that runs before or after the import.

    For example, you can create log entries for when the import starts and stops by using scripts in these fields.

  6. Click Update to schedule the import or click Execute Now to perform the import immediately.

    After ServiceNow imports data from the SCCM Computer Info [imp_sccm_computer_info] table, the import runs automatically from the SCCM Software [imp_sccm_software] table.