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Task 3: Configure the data sources

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Task 3: Configure the data sources

Before you schedule an import of the SCCM data into the instance, configure the SCCM data sources, the SCCM flat table and the SCCM Software table to ensure that the CMDB receives appropriate data.

  1. Navigate to Integration - Microsoft SCCM > Data Sources.
  2. Select SCCM Computer Info from the list.
  3. Enter the name of the flat table created in Task 2 in the Table name field of the Data Source form.
  4. Select the Use last run datetime check box.
    This helps performance by ensuring that only computer CI information that has changed is imported.
    SCCM Data Source
  5. Click Update.
  6. Select SCCM Software from the list of data sources.

    The Table name field is pre-configured with v_Add_Remove_Programs, an SCCM database view that provides data on installed software.

  7. Clear the Use last run datetime check box to ensure that the software data source provides complete data.
    ServiceNow assumes that the import represents all relationships that exist and adjusts the CMDB accordingly. Partial data received from the SCCM Software table can cause the deletion of active relationships.
    SCCM Data Source Software