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SCCM transform map

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SCCM transform map

The following field mapping is provided for importing data from the SCCM Computer Info [imp_sccm_computer_info] and SCCM Software [imp_sccm_software] tables into existing fields in the ServiceNow CMDB.

About this task

You can add or delete fields to this transform map.

To access the transform map:


  1. Navigate to Integration - Microsoft SCCM > Data Sources.
  2. Open the SCCM Computer Info data source record.
  3. Select SCCM Computer Info from the Transforms related list.

    The default SCCM field map appears.

  4. Refer to Task 2 for the full list of fields in SCCM available for use in data imports.
    Table 1. SCCM Transform Map
    Source Field (SCCM) Target Field (CMDB) Coalesce
    u_v_gs_compute_rofprocessors0 cpu_count false
    u_v_gs_processor_name0 cpu_type false
    u_v_gs_compute_tem_resourceid correlation_id false
    u_v_gs_pc_bios_serialnumber0 serial_number false
    u_v_gs_compute__manufacturer0 manufacturer false
    u_v_gs_operati_em_csdversion0 os_service_pack false
    u_v_gs_computer_system_model0 model_id false
    u_v_gs_computer_system_name0 name false
    u_v_gs_processor_manufacturer0 cpu_manufacturer false
    u_v_gs_process_maxclockspeed0 cpu_speed false
    u_v_gs_operati_ystem_caption0 os false
    u_v_gs_operati_blememorysize0 ram false
    u_v_gs_system_domain os_domain false
    [Script] sys_id true