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Microsoft SMS / SCCM 2.0 Overview

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Microsoft SMS / SCCM 2.0 Overview

Microsoft SMS/SCCM integration version 2.0 maps directly to each Microsoft SCCM table and imports each data object separately.

Version 2.0 uses the SCCM resource ID to identify CIs in the CMDB. If you are populating the CMDB via the SMS/SCCM integration version 2.0 only, the platform creates and updates CIs accurately. However, if you are using both ServiceNow Discovery and Microsoft SMS/SCCM to populate the CMDB, the platform creates duplicate CIs. Discovery cannot identify CIs in the CMDB by the SCCM resource ID and creates a new CI rather than updating CIs created by Microsoft SMS/SCCM.

Related Lists

The Microsoft SMS/SCCM integration version 2.0 can add related devices (such as network interface cards and disks) to computer CI records, but cannot delete these devices from the record if the devices are removed from the computer.

Software Packages

The Microsoft SMS/SCCM integration version 2.0 also adds records to the Software Instance [cmdb_software_instance] table for software packages installed on a computer CI, but cannot delete the instance record (or the relationship) from the CMDB if the software package is uninstalled from the CI. The resulting relationship looks like this:
Figure 1. SCCM Many to Many Diagram