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Microsoft SCCM Integration 2007

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Microsoft SCCM Integration 2007

This version is written based on SCCM 2007, and requires the Integration - Microsoft SCCM 2007 version 3.1.0 plugin. Use this version when you use SCCM 2007 starting in the Fuji release.

This version has the following features:
  • No flat table conguration is required. You do not need to configure the flat table on the SCCM side.
  • Improved performance and an improved process that only collects the changes since the last import for software reconciliation.
  • Support for Asset Intelligence.


Only two incremental transforms for software are available by default: one to support software reconciliation without the Software Asset Management plugin and one to support software reconciliation with the Software Asset Management plugin. Full software imports can be invoked by clearing out the Last run datetime field of the SCCM 2007 Software data source.