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Log on with multifactor authentication

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Log on with multifactor authentication

After multifactor authentication is enabled for your User profile, you can log in with the addition of the passcode that the Google Authenticator app gives you.

Before you begin

You must have multifactor authentication enabled for your profile. You can enable it yourself on your user profile or your administrator can enabled it for you.

Role required: none


  1. Go to the URL of your instance to open the log in screen.
  2. Open the Google Authenticator application on your mobile device and make note of the number. The number refreshes every 30 seconds.
  3. Enter your user name and password, and append the passcode that you currently see on your mobile device to your password without any extra spaces. For example, if your password is 12345 and the current passcode is 424 058, enter 12345424058.

    If you forget to enter the code and you only enter the password, you are prompted to enter the code in a new window.

    Enter your authentication code

  4. Enter the code and click Login.
  5. If you do not remember the passcode, click the Click to send one-time passcode link.
    The temporary passcode is sent to your email address. You can append this passcode to your password as you would the original passcode. You can only use this temporary passcode once and it is only valid for 10 minutes.
    Note: You must have an email address configured in your user profile on the instance to receive this email message.