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Enterprise plugins

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Enterprise plugins

The ServiceNow Enterprise platform offers enhanced functionality via plugins, and new plugins become available with each new release. When you upgrade, most plugins are not enabled on your converted Enterprise instance. This is slightly different from the plugins activated by default on a new Enterprise instance.

After the conversion, the administrator can navigate to System Definition > Plugins and review the list of plugins that are available and active. The administrator can also choose which capabilities to activate after the conversion. The List of Helsinki plugins lists the available plugins.
Important: Immediately after your conversion is finished, activate the High Security Settings (com.glide.high_security) plugin. This enforces the default deny access policy. It also includes elevated security admin privileges to enable you to maintain ACLs on your instance.

List of plugins to consider activating after a conversion

After the conversion is completed, review the plugins that are available and choose the capabilities to activate after. The plugins listed below are not activated on an Express to Enterprise platform conversion. Learn about the functionality these plugins provide and determine which ones to activate.

For a description of plugins not linked below, review the description in the List of Helsinki plugins.

  1. Assessments (com.snc.assessment_core)
  2. Asset Management (com.snc.asset_management)
  3. Risk assessment: Best Practice - Change Risk Calculator (com.snc.bestpractice.change_risk)
  4. Incident resolution and recovery: Best Practice - Incident Resolution Workflow (com.snc.bestpractice.incident)
  5. Best Practice - ITIL KPI Reports (com.snc.bestpractice.itil_kpi)
  6. Survey wizards: Best Practice - Task Survey Management (com.snc.bestpractice.task_survey)
  7. Catalog Designer Common (
  8. Change Management - Collision Detector (com.snc.change.collision) Installed with Change Management – Core.
  9. Change Management - Core (com.snc.change_management)
  10. Configuration Management (CMDB Enterprise Edition) (com.snc.cmdb.enterprise)
  11. Contract Management (com.snc.contract_management)
  12. Problem Management – Create knowledge: Create knowledge from problem (com.snc.problem_kb)
  13. Data lookup and record matching support for Service Catalog (com.glide.data_lookup.catalog)
  14. Depreciation (com.snc.depreciation) installed with Asset Management
  15. Expense Line (com.snc.expense_line)
  16. Create fixed assets (com.snc.fixed_asset)
  17. High Security Settings (com.glide.high_security)
  18. Planned Maintenance: Maintenance Schedules (com.snc.maintenance_schedules)
  19. Model management (com.snc.model)
  20. My Assets (com.snc.asset_myassets)
  21. Organization Management (com.snc.organization_management)
  22. Performance Analytics concepts (
  23. Problem Tasks (com.snc.problem_task)
  24. Report security - enforce access control checks (com.glideapp.report_security)
  25. Role Delegation (com.snc.role_delegation)
  26. Security Jump Start (ACL Rules) (com.snc.system_security)
  27. Service Creator (com.glide.service-creator)
  28. Service Level Management (com.snc.sla)
  29. Software Asset Management Extensions (com.snc.sam)
  30. Survey designer (com.glide.survey_designer)
  31. System user guide (com.glide.user_guide)