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Create an interactive user

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Create an interactive user

Interactive users have the following access rights.

About this task

They can:
  • Use their user name and password to log in to the UI or a content management system (CMS) portal.
  • Connect to an instance from a URL that calls a UI page, form, or list (for example, https://<instance name>
  • Connect with single sign-on (for example, digest authentication or SAML).
  • Use their credentials to authorize SOAP connections if allowed by strict security.
  • Use their credentials to authorize any other type of API connection without restriction.

When you activate the Non-Interactive Sessions plugin all existing users automatically become interactive users. New users default to interactive users unless you manually make them non-interactive. Use the following steps to manually switch a non-interactive user back to an interactive user.


  1. Navigate to User Administration > Users.
  2. Search for the user you want to update. For example, System Administrator.
  3. Clear the Web Service Access Only check box.
  4. Click Update.