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Time format

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Time format

The time format is defined by the property glide.sys.time_format.

An administrator can modify the property by navigating to System Properties > System. Modifying the property changes the date or time format globally. When modifying the standard time format, also verify the format using a Validate Date and Time script. Use the same 'format' strings as the java.text.SimpleDateFormat class, with minor exceptions. The format string consists of the following abbreviations.
Table 1. Time format
Field Full form Short form
Hour (1-12) hh (2 digits) h (1 or 2 digits)
Hour (0-23) HH (2 digits) H (1 or 2 digits)
Minute mm (2 digits) m (1 or 2 digits)
Second ss (2 digits) s (1 or 2 digits)

The default format is: HH:mm:ss.

Note: A user can override the global date or time format with a personal preference.