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Planned task hierarchy

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Planned task hierarchy

The Task Hierarchy tool available for Planned Task displays the relationship between parent and child planned tasks.

About this task

Out-of-box, the Task Hierarchy tool is available in both Project and Release Management.

Different Planned Task tables have different UI actions to launch the task hierarchy:
  • To view a Project's hierarchy, navigate to the use the Task hierarchy context menu action.
  • To view a Product's hierarchy in Release v2, navigate to the product and click the Product hierarchy related link.
  • To view a Release's hierarchy in Release v2, navigate to the release and click the Release hierarchy related link.
Figure 1. Rm2 Hierarchy
Release hierarchy

The Task Hierarchy can be added to any planned task table by:


  1. Navigating to System UI > UI Actions.
  2. Selecting one of the existing Task Hierarchy UI Actions (e.g. Task hierarchy if Project Management is activated).
  3. Change the table to the desired table and rename the UI Action if appropriate, and insert.

    The hierarchy should now be available as a UI Action on the new table's form.