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Create a time card

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Create a time card

Time cards can be created automatically or manually.

About this task

  • Automatic: Configure time cards to be created when a user updates a task record. This behavior is controlled by a time card property that is set to false by default. See the table of properties in this page for details. In Incident, Problem, and Change records, the Time worked field must be added to the form.
    Note: Time cards cannot be created automatically when you use the mobile interface. Use the desktop interface if you want to use the automatic time card feature.
  • Manual: Create a new time card for each task and enter the times manually.

Users with the timecard_admin role can create a time card manually:


  1. Navigate to Time Cards > All and click New.
    The Week starts on, State, and Category fields are completed automatically. The category defaults to Task work, but can be any of the following:
    • Project/Project Task
    • Task work
    • Admin
    • Meeting
    • KTLO (maintenance of existing system)
    • Out of office
    • Training
  2. Select a Task from the pop-up list.

    This can be anything from the Task table.

  3. Select your name from the list in the User field.
  4. Click Submit.

    After the time card is created, the hours for that task can be incremented automatically from the Time worked field in the task record. This is controlled by a time card property, which is set to true by default. See the table of properties in this page for details. If automatic updates are not configured, the time card must be updated manually by the user or an administrator.

    Managing time cards

    The My Time Cards > Current module presents a page showing all of your time cards for the current week. There is also a control to Generate Task Cards. This button will search for all planned tasks that are scheduled for the current time card period, if you don't already have a time card for the task.