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Configure rollup for planned task fields

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Configure rollup for planned task fields

You can configure the planned task fields to roll up the field values in the parent entity.

About this task

By default the following fields are configured to roll up for any planned task and planned task derivatives:

Cost, Budget, Effort, Actual date, Planned date, Duration, Percent Complete


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables.
  2. Open the Planned task rollup table.
  3. In the Related links, click Show List.
  4. Click New.
  5. Fill out the Planned task rollup form (see table).
  6. Click Submit.
    Table 1. Planned task rollup form fields
    Field Description
    Child Select the table you want to include or exclude.
    Field Select the column name you want to include or exclude.

    The reference column of the parent to which the value must be rolled up.


    Select the parent table.

    Application Auto-generated value.
    Rollup Select the check box to allow roll up. Leave the field unchecked to exclude the field from rollup.