Measure time and effort

The Planned Task [planned_task] table provides standard fields for tracking duration and effort.

Duration measures time from start to end date. Effort measures hours of work exerted on the project.

  • Planned duration: the projected length of time for the planned task.
  • Actual duration: the actual length of time so far for the planned task.
  • Remaining duration: the Planned duration minus the Actual duration, which represents the projected length of time left.
  • Planned effort: the projected amount of time that will be spent on the planned task.
  • Actual effort: the actual amount of time that has already been spent on the planned task.
  • Remaining effort: the Planned effort minus the Actual effort, which represents the project amount of work left.
  • Percent complete: the Actual effort divided by the Planned effort, which estimates the percentage of planned work which has been completed.