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Self service password reset

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Self service password reset

The Self Service Password Reset plugin enables end users who are locally authenticated to reset their own passwords.

By default there is a new message and link on the login page to access the reset page. Users are prompted for their username and email address. If the system locates an active record, it generates a temporary password and sends an email to the user with the details. Users who reset their passwords receive a message with the results of the reset request.
Note: This feature works only for locally authenticated users. Users logging in via an SSO solution or an LDAP integration cannot reset their passwords in this fashion since the instance does not know these passwords.

The following functionality is updated with the installation of the Self Service Password Reset plugin:

Script include
PasswordResetAJAX - AJAX Script to process a password reset from a UI Page as guest. You can customize it to perform different user validation logic.
UI page
reset_password - Page to prompt for password reset information.
password.reset - Event fired by PasswordResetAJAX script include to trigger the Password Reset Notification.
Email notification
Email sent to the user notifying the user of the reset and their temporary password.
Welcome page content
Message on the welcome page to link users to the password reset page.
Public page
Enabled the reset_password UI Page to be viewed by guests.
The components are fully customizable to meet individual needs:
  • Password reset message in the login screen
  • Contents of the Reset My Password form
  • Password reset validation and processing
  • Subject line and message in the email notification