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Set up the Google Enterprise Search

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Set up the Google Enterprise Search

To configure the Google Site Search engine on your instance, you must first go to the Google web site and obtain a Search Engine ID, set up the Google Enterprise Search, and then register the ID with your instance.

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  1. Go to Google Site Search and sign up for Google Site Search. You must sign up for a paid version of Google Site Search; the free version is not supported. Your organization must be compliant with the Google Site Search licensing terms.
  2. Set up your Google Site Search by going to the Custom Search page while logged into your Enterprise account. In the Custom Search definition, you can define the sites to search and the sites to exclude. Click Search engine ID to retrieve your Google Custom Search Key, which you need to configure the search on your ServiceNow instance.
  3. Add the URLs you want your users to be able to search. To add a website, click Add under Sites to search.
  4. To exclude sites, click Advanced.
    Figure 1. Google search engine setup
    Setup page
  5. In your ServiceNow instance, go to Custom Search Integration > Properties, enter the Google Custom Search key that you created on the Google web site, and click Save.
    Figure 2. Configuring Google search engine ID
    Configure Google search engine ID