Available search options

Zing offers users several search interfaces and search operators to conduct text searches.

Table 1. Available search interfaces
Search interface Description
Global text search Find records in multiple tables from a single search field.
Lists Find records in a list; search in a specific field (Go to), all fields (Search), or in a specific column.
Knowledge Base Find knowledge articles.
Navigation filter Filter the items in the application navigator.
Live feed Filter, search, or sort messages in live feed.
UI pages Create a custom UI page to search for records in a table.
Table 2. Available search operators
Search operator Description
Boolean operators Include or exclude search terms from global text searches.
Quotation marks Filter search results to only include matches to an exact phrase consisting of one or more words.
Wildcard characters Expand search results to match any non-space character. The system supports both single-character and multiple-character wildcards.